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In the Real Estate Business, it is commonly stated that the three most important criteria for selecting a property are location, location and location. It can be said that the three most important criteria for selecting a Home Inspector are experience, experience and experience. Cost should be secondary. The State of North Carolina requires a license to be a Home Inspector.  Holding a license does not make a person a good Home Inspector anymore than it makes anyone successful.  The qualities shared by the best Home Inspectors are experience and the ability to observe, report and communicate based on that experience.  As a Home Inspector, what we report affects many.  Our work must be neutral, accurate and fair.  Homes are like people...none are perfect, but some come closer than others.

In order to protect your interest the following recommendations are advisable:

  • Check out potential inspectors yourself; don’t blindly accept your agents recommendation. 
  • Visit the websites of several inspectors (at least three). If the websites are not adequate for a choice call and talk with the inspector. 
  • The choice must be yours and should be based on the inspectors background, experience and your comfort level. Never make your decision based on price. The lowest price is seldom the best deal!
  • In our area radon testing is important and the best testing equipment are electronic monitors which provide hourly readings of radon levels, temperature, humidity, barometric pressure and have tamper resistance. Few home inspectors use these types of systems. Be assured that this one does! Most use charcoal canisters or e-perms which are much less reliable. 
  • The report should come direct to you with a copy to your Realtor. This inspector also includes a copy to the sellers Realtor as an added benefit with permission granted as part of the inspection contract. This gets everyone on the same page with the same information quicker.
  • If you have questions before booking, after booking or after your inspection contact your inspector. Phone calls are fine, but email is much more efficient. 
  • Review the report with your Realtor relative to its implications and how it relates to your contract to purchase. YOU call the shots.


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I assure you of an accurate and impartial inspection. To avoid conflict of interest, I will neither solicit work nor recommended any repair services. Be wary of those who do. You can expect prompt services with reports delivered without delay. Take a few minutes to read the information provided below to assure yourself that I meet your qualifications to inspect your home.

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