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 "I give 5 (stars) due to Chris Hilton's knowledge finding detailed issues inside and outside the house. He explained in detail of what was happening and how to fix the issues. He has great morals, experience in building houses and knowledge of all codes. To ensure your house is safe you're getting inspected. Very kind and doesn't mind if you tag along with him so he can explain in detail. I highly recommend Chris Hilton over the other inspectors. He is who you want on your side."

"Chris has been wonderful to work with! He inspected two different homes for us during our search for a new home and provided valuable feedback on both. He even went back a second tome to re-inspect something for us and gave a detailed explanation of the results so we could make a fully informed decision."

"Chris was awesome! Super thorough and very detailed. Did a great job I was beyond satisfied and definitely felt I got more than my money's worth. Would absolutely recommend him to anyone looking to get a home inspection."

"I have had two homes inspected by Chris (we ended up backing out of the first one) and we loved him both times. He was extremely thorough and explained what he was doing and why. He told us what was good and what might be a concern now or even down the road. He was extremely friendly and professional! We highly recommend him."

When you can please a New Yorker you can please anybody! Check this out: "Chris Hilton put our minds at ease during the beginning of the home inspection. He informed me to stick close and ask any questions I had about what he was looking at. He is extremely thorough, from the most minor thing you or I would never think about, to a hazard that needs attention, he left nothing out. I would not hesitate to hire him again."

"I recommend Chris at the top of my list. He is so thorough, exceeding standards set by the state and provides continuing education and recall check services to my clients through newsletters and access to his blogs. I build relationships with my clients and he helps me maintain those by providing value. He has a very understanding almost gentle way of helping nervous homebuyers that educates while never making them feel ignorant. I love the way he makes me look good to my clients through his doing a great job for them."

"Very, very thorough inspection.  Great inspection process! I have been through many inspections on my own homes as well as having been a realtor and he didn't exaggerate minor items like many home inspectors do which actually needlessly scare buyers.  He merely pointed out good and bad and described what would need to be done to correct. Really recommend his service!"

"Recently with a young veteran and his newly wed bride, these first time home buyers found themselves in a closing fraught with challenges. They loved the home, so Chris "rolled up his sleeves" and helped tremendously with their VA appraisal challenges. I can't say enough on behalf of that couple who now love Chris, myself for recommending him and of course, their new home."

"The sellers were supposed to leave but ended up staying and they loved you. They couldn't believe how nice you were and how respectfully you addressed the issues you observed with their home with them looking on." 

"Best money I have ever spent." 

"I was nervous going into the inspection but he eased by nerves knowing he is on the buyers side."

"He was absolutely amazing."

"By spending the money for this inspection, we were able to negotiate the repairs on some things that needed to be done immediately and save an extra $2,500 on items we can do ourselves later. Chris Hilton was great to work with and very knowledgable in his chosen field. This was money well spent."

 "Outstanding work. Very professional and pricing was great. Recommend Chris highly, as he takes the time to discuss his findings as he goes - allowing you to comprehend the issues at hand."

"I have had the pleasure of working with this fine gentleman who went above and beyond to inspect and assure that I was going to be a safe and happy homeowner. He is an expert in this field as evidenced by his detailed report. He explained findings as he moved from one room to another and allowed time for me to ask question right then."

What do buyer's Realtors say?

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"I always recommend Chris. He is one of the most experienced and professional inspectors that I ever encountered. Decades of experience as a builder, and very familiar with building codes past and present. Excellent with clients (both buyers and sellers) and explaining the items on the inspection whether they are something to be concerned about or not."

"Absolutely 100% satisfied and have been using him ever since I found him! I have had many clients impressed with his services as well. He found a dishwasher that had been recalled and was a potential fire hazard in a buyers home and was able to point them in the direction of getting a new one."

"Chris is the best! He is very professional and very thorough throughout the entire inspection. He makes sure that the client is informed and will answer any questions! He is prompt with his reports and scheduling is very easy to do!"

"I have used Chris numerous times. Always on time, very professional. Explains everything to you, does not mind you asking questions?

"My son has started looking (for a house to purchase), and I have already told him that I know who I want to use to inspect. The one I would trust MY BABY with, speaks volumes."

"Chris Hilton goes above all others in explaining what’s going on with the house that my clients are getting ready to purchase, has a website that I can see his schedule when I need him on a short notice. As far as knowledge goes I have dealt with over 10 home inspectors in the last 10 years nobody has more knowledge in my experience with home inspections than Chris. I once called 3 inspectors to inspect my church roof, not one could do it within 2 weeks but Chris came out and walked the roof, and didn't even charge! That is an honest person with integrity, and earned mad respect from lots of people in the community!"

What seller's Realtors say?

Comment from one of the top listing Realtors in my area to my Realtor wife: "You know that I hate your husband."

"My sellers are scared to death and don't want him in their home."

"He is too thorough and finds too much." 

"Let's stop recommending this nasty home inspector. There are numerous others to choose from. Let's all recommend them."

To the buyer's agent: "Why did you book him?" "Please cancel and book someone else" "Why would you book a deal killer?"

On asking a Realtor (whose listing we had inspected previously) who hadn't booked with us before why she chose us to inspect the home: "You slaughtered my listing and I thought this home needed slaughtering."  

"Thanks so much for the Home Inspection on my listing in Buena Vista...Older homes can be a problem...My Sellers were very impressed with your expertise and we are moving forward with the closing of this home.... Thanks Again!!"

​What do homebuyer clients say?

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" We used Chris Hilton to do our home inspection and found him extremely responsive to the critical deadlines within the contract/closing. He was very thorough in pointing out major and minor issues with the property. His price wasn't bad either."

"We had Chris inspect our house last month and we couldn't have been happier. He was extremely thorough and took the time to make sure I understood everything I needed to know about the house. The inspection report that we received is also extremely well done with many pictures and graphs that make everything very easy to understand. I will definitely recommend him to anyone I know that needs a home inspection."

"Chris Hilton not only performed a thorough inspection of the home my family is buying but was consistently available to me by phone or email with many follow-up questions I had. I definitely recommend him."

"My inspection report was wonderful! It was very detailed and very clear to understand. I appreciate Chris explaining what things were and putting things in plain English. I really appreciated that :) Thanks!!! (Single mother with three kids)"

"So glad we chose Mr. Hilton as our home inspector. He's SO knowledgeable and informative. We got more than our money's worth -- learned SO much. We felt very comfortable with him and free to ask any and all questions we had. And his report was very detailed and informative as well, with drawings and links to further explanations of issues that were found. And his website/blog has been really informative as well. He really was 'unbiased,' not telling us "what we wanted to hear," nor did he make his discoveries seem so "alarming" as to scare us away from going forward. We'd HIGHLY recommend him to any buyer or realtor!"

A little explanation: This involved an inspection of a large home completely enveloped in EIFS (Synthetic Stucco) which has been a serious concern for many years. As part of that inspection an EIFS inspector, was involved in a survey of the condition of the EIFS wall system discovering moisture damage and areas of concern. Here are exerts from an e-mail addressed to he and I received from that client: "I would like to inform you two gentlemen that I have gone ahead and now made the Earnest Money Deposit … Thus, I will be buying the house. I'm sure that especially you, Chris, will find this piece of news interesting, given that you kindly took a lot of your personal time to share your thoughts with me and to write out for me your advice on the whole matter of the EFIS.  (EFIS Inspector), you too spent a good amount of time with me on the phone one morning, about this same issue.  I thank you both wholeheartedly for your time and your willingness to share your honest and professional views so that I could come to a decision made with confidence and without great anxiety." Does this sound like a "deal" killer to you?

"Chris is a common sense realist with a plethora of construction knowledge and experience. A great asset to a potential homebuyer who wants to be assured that they are getting the best bang for their buck. I highly recommend Chris and his team."

"It was a pleasure meeting you during the home inspection. We have reviewed your very thorough report. Wow that was a lot of information. We appreciate the level of detail. The report is very well organized and very easy to read. Great job!"

"Chris Hilton did two inspections for us. His professional manner, his attention to detail on site and in printed report will benefit anyone who uses him as their inspector. The report on the first house made us realize the money pit it would become. The second confirmed that we were learning better what to look for and this house will serve us well. To truly benefit from such a huge financial investment call Chris Hilton."

"Chris is the first home inspector I've hired who is truly knowledgeable about buildings. He is completely professional and exceptionally thorough. I feel that he approached my home inspection like his reputation depended on it. And because of his tough reputation, I didn't even have to ask the seller to address the issues. My real estate agent delivered the message to me with a laugh: the seller called her first with an offer to fix all the issues on the report. I could have gone with other inspectors who advertised lower fees, but I truly believe I came out ahead financially with all the seller agreed to and no hassles."

"Efficient and extremely thorough inspector. Also friendly. Definitely worth it. Without him my Fiancé and I would have BOUGHT a nightmare."

"Chris Hilton is well organized and very through. His inspection gave us everything we needed to make an intelligent decision about negotiating due diligence items during our home purchase."

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