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Looking for a home inspector who genuinely has your best interest at heart? 

Meet Drew Cline

Drew, comes from an extensive background in the service industry, where he has a notorious reputation of putting his clients interest first. Throughout most of his professional life he has worked in the pest control industry where he acquired a keen eye and extensive knowledge of the substructure relating to wood destroying insects, moisture evaluation and remediation. Never being satisfied with the amount of knowledge one could acquire about a home, how it was built, due to his inquisitive nature, Drew left the pest control industry after 15 years. In November of 2017, Drew enrolled in the most accredited, respected home inspector training program in the state of North Carolina, not only meeting the standards of his trainers in the program but exceeding the standards by passing the most difficult state issued exam for North Carolina.

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Since acquiring his license, in February 2018, as a home inspector in North Carolina, Drew has worked under the supervision of Senior Inspector Christopher D. Hilton. Drew has gained a vast knowledge of the inspection process, industry and state standards, that are certain to exceed your expectations. Check out pricing, available times, select and book your home inspection with Drew below.