Emily was born in Mount Airy and attended K-12 schools there. She spoke Spanish, as a child, learning English attending school. Emily's mother, Maria, purchased and renovated a home in Winston-Salem where Emily lived, with her family, while attending Salem College. Emily's mother, Maria, has been involved in event decorating for about a decade. She decorates for baby showers, quinceañeras, weddings, birthday parties etc. She also does choreography lessons for quinceañeras. Yea, I had to look that one up. Check it out. They can be very extravagant affairs. One thing I have learned, over the years, is that the Hispanic community knows how to throw a party. 

Emily shows up for her interview with her right arm wrapped from a serious finger break suffered playing soccer over the weekend. She advised that she was facing possible surgery. Later she arrives in a cast advising no surgery. As of this writing she is still recovering from that injury. Do not attempt to shake her right hand. 

Emily worked her way through college as a waitress in a Mexican Restaurant. During the end of her college education she shadowed a Doctor of Physical Therapy for a few weeks. She has been involved with Habitat for Humanity and the Shalom Project. Emily has two dogs, Thor and Groot, named after Marvel characters. 

Emily Cabrera

Home Inspector in Training

​Office Staff

​Radon Measurement Field Technican

If you pay attention you know that I have been considering adding a bilingual, of Hispanic origin, to our staff to be able to work, fluently and comfortably, with our growing Hispanic community, We are of the opinion that homebuyers would be more comfortable working with someone in their language of birth. My biased thought process "a sharp looking young man". We have considered a few but nothing felt right. Prior to our, Nora Akers, I had misgivings about women in this work. Prior to our very young, Josh Hedges, I had misgivings about anyone in their early twenties starting out with little work experience. Honestly, Nora and Josh have proven my opinions to not hold water and our clients and agents adore them. They both have become awesome inspectors. Enter Emily Cabrera. 

Emily's mother is involved with real estate investing, her father, a brick mason and her boyfriend, and his family, have a drywall/remodeling business. She and her boyfriend have been building a Tiny House. After her recent graduation from Salem College, her involvement with her, and her boyfriends family, lead to her interest in becoming a home inspector. Emily contacted me about the possibility of working, part-time, in our office and learning about our business. The old man's wheels began to turn. I needed help getting our new business management system up and running, was considering an Hispanic Inspector and here a passionate possibility landed on my doorstep. We immediately set up a meeting and Nora and I interviewed Emily. During that interview I began formulating a plan to bring this young ladies passion to become a home inspector and fit that into our organization. 

Emily at her December 2021 graduation from Salem College

Mother, Maria and Siblings, Evolette and Alexis

​Bachelor of Science, Exercise Science

​Minor in Psychology

Emily has shadowed us on a few home inspections and begun her training with The Home Inspection Training Center in Burlington. She has begun working in our Director of Agent Services, Nora Akers, office, part time, upgrading our new business management system. Emily will finish her training and achieve her radon testing certification shortly. She will begin setting radon monitors, for all of our inspections, two days prior to the inspection for pick up by our inspectors. This will allow the report to be delivered literally while we are on site with our clients. 

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