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We meet Jeff in a packed packed continuing education class in Burlington, NC at The Home Inspection Training Center. This was a large session filled with active home inspectors and residential building contractors meeting their continuing education requirements. As is typical, I was working on inspection reports, on and off, throughout the day. Jeff was taking note of what I was doing and the system I was using. Our conversation lead to how we work with inspectors and the possibility of shadowing us on an inspection. Being totally honest, I had no intention beyond that. 

Jeff and I reconnected shortly afterwards to shadow our team on an inspection and begin training with us. I can't put my finger on it, but as I learned more about Jeff the more intrigued I became. I was surprise by his intelligence, intellect and knowledge. He knew much more about homes, and home inspections, than I expected. A recent difficult illness had changed his course in life, demanding he take a long break. During that time he maintained his sanity creating and marketing crafts (note two of his creations on the left above) in his New Trails Workshop and training as a Home Inspector. He has a Master of Music degree from the University of North Georgia, specializing in percussion performance and a Bachelor of Music degree from George State University specializing in Instrumental Music Education. He taught music for 20 years at the middle school, high school and collegiate levels. Jeff has served as a freelance performer, arranger, instructor, adjudicator and clinician. Since early childhood Jeff has been fascinated with mechanical systems, how they work, and the science behind them. He is also passionate about historic buildings, their design and construction methods, Jeff is an avid craftsman, fabricator, and home improvement enthusiast. He is beginning his new career available to inspect homes in the Southern Piedmont/Charlotte area of North Carolina much earlier than I originally anticipated.  

Jeff shares life with his lovely wife, Karen, a Speech Pathologist, two sons, 14 chickens, lots of delicious eggs and too many rosters. In Jeff's words " I love my wife Karen and my two boys Holden and Avett, enjoy camping, raise chickens, play drums, make incredible sawdust in the workshop, volunteer on the production team at our church, pretty solid with computers, find Metal Inert Gas (MIG) welding oddly satisfying, want to be able to fix everything myself, may or may not have an addiction to tools, need to know how everything works, and love learning new things." The family enjoys exploring the southeast in their tiny camper. As if that wasn't enough, Jeff taught himself to program computers as a kid, then went to Georgia Tech as a computer science major and hated it. He has built multiple websites, is adept at learning new software, taught students in various music composing and recording software, including CAD and CAM 3D modeling and machining software. Jeff is now our Company WebMaster and rebuilding our website from scratch, with more to come. 

Jeff Keegan, CPI
Certified Professional Inspector
NC License 5576 

Covering the Southern Piedmont/Charlotte Area

Our WebMaster

Wildman Jeff Welding

Jeff with sons Avett and Holden