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How much experience can you have, in your early 20's. I will tell you that Josh, one of the youngest home inspectors in North Carolina, is very likely the most experienced having completed in the range of 1000 home inspections, by my side, and in the last year and a half, as of the end of May 2022, is closing in on 200 on his own. It is difficult for "The Old Man" to say. Josh is more attentive to detail than me. Must be his youth and better eyesight. That youth, and experience with smart phones makes Josh a natural making report entries, in the field. He is much faster than me. Having only done this for 25 years and used our reporting system for 15 years, that is embarrassing as hell. My lovely bride and our Administrator, Pam Hilton, loves Josh as she imagines that he prevents me from doing the tasks which have become uncomfortable and dangerous for a 72 year old. Josh is coming right along learning to do commercial inspections as part of our typical team when we do these. 

Let's begin with the elephants in the room. Why a photo of Josh with his lovely wife Olivia and their stately dog Buddy. Their second dog Henley wasn't around when this photo was taken, at their former home. The photo at the bottom right is of the home they recently purchased and are in the process of remodeling. Josh doing much of the work himself. Olivia has worked as a model, can you tell. Bet you aren't aware that Josh has done a little modeling as well. Don't you agree that Buddy and Olivia make Josh and this page so much warmer and inviting? Who better to inspect your older, historic home than Josh, who has one? The dirty truth is that without Olivia, and her mother, Josh wouldn't likely be with our organization. 

Josh Hedges, CPI
Certified Professional Inspector
NC License 4658 

In February of 2019, Lisa Hill, Olivia's mother, one of our top referring agents, booked a home inspection for her daughter, and future son-in-law, Josh Hedges. I had been around Olivia a few times, over the years, was aware of her budding carrier as a model, thought of her more as a child. Her mother and I had conversations, as Olivia grew up, as I have raised four daughters. She wasn't a child any longer. I met Josh that day for the first time at their home inspection. My impression was that they were very young. 

Later, Lisa advised that Josh was interested in becoming a home inspector, asked if I could provide information and meet with him. I told her that I was very concerned about his age and "baby face". On meeting with Josh I advised that his greatest hurdle would be to overcome his age and how young he looks. Didn't phase him in the least. He immediately began training with The Home Inspector Training Center in Burlington. Josh began shadowing me and others. He catches on really quick and is masterful using our smart phone report application. WOW I am blown away at how quickly he learns and retains information. He is a natural. Overtime, as Josh interacts with clients and agents I realized that his youth is actually an asset, rather than a liability as the "Old Man" imagined. Well, can't be right all of the time. With Nora Akers accident and my age restricted mobility, Josh has become a God send for our business. As a trained, and once active, high voltage lineman, heights aren't an issue, nor are hot attics or tight, nasty crawlspaces, Josh is the man!!! Josh has dabbled in construction and worked with a landscape company.