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Rebuilding an unsafe stair

Building a new mountain side home

Mark has a passion for snow boarding, now lives, at Sugar Top, in Sugar Mountain, spending the winter months on the slopes in between working in construction, home inspections and real estate. 

Mark reinstated his real estate license and is now also a High Country Realtor with Mitchell Prime Properties. My wife Pam Hilton is their High Country BIC. Snow Boarder, Builder, Realtor and Home inspector. I am totally confused as to his order of importance but, after his son Liam, earning enough to survive the winter, I have a feeling it is snow boarding. 

As if you can't tell, Mark's spring is wound tight and he is full bore at whatever he does. Out on inspections with him I learned very quickly that he knows his stuff. Getting him to calm down enough to learn our methods, and our report system, was a challenge. Surprisingly, I learned that the best method was to give him some direction and leave him the hell alone. I was actually amazed, with very little training, how well he did completing his first reports. Mark knows and understands the issues with all types of homes. We are working on inspecting in a pattern, finding and recording everything. For a little while, till Mark becomes accustomed to our process and system, you will see us together on inspections. He will begin doing them on his on as he will be assisting me on mine. We have been dragging our feet in the High Country, that is coming to an end as we are about to instate online booking and marketing. Shortly hope to have Mark, and myself, very busy on these mountains and in these valleys. 

The first time Mark Silcott shows up in my data base is, as a Realtor, on a home inspection in 2013. We spent hours together on inspections with him explaining his background in construction, especially management of remodeling jobs. I recall him stepping out of real estate with a crawlspace and foundation repair company. He swears that he hounded me for over 6 years wanting me to train him as a home inspector. At some point he moves to the NC High Country and begins back in construction. He has, and still does, a little of everything involving residential construction. Five years ago my wife and I purchased mountain property in Sugar Grove. Our ridge line is the Tennessee border. We built a timber frame tiny house and will be building a larger home later. Two years ago began living there three days a week. Mark and I reconnect. I suggested that we do this thing he has been hounding me about. He trains with The Home Inspection Training Center in Burlington, passed the state exam and acquired his license. Mark has spent time shadowing, and assisting on a few of our inspections in the Triad and what we do in the High Country. 

Mark Silcott

High Country Inspector

NC License 4836