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"Efficient and extremely thorough inspector. Also friendly. Definitely worth it. Without him my Fiancé and I would have BOUGHT a nightmare.”

From a Realtor: "He is so thorough, exceeding standards set by the state and provides continuing education and recall check services to my clients through newsletters and access to his blogs. He has a very understanding almost gentle way of helping nervous homebuyers that educates while never making them feel ignorant.”

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"Chris is the first home inspector I've hired who is truly knowledgeable about buildings. He is completely professional and exceptionally thorough. I feel that he approached my home inspection like his reputation depended on it. And because of his tough reputation, I didn't even have to ask the seller to address the issues. My real estate agent delivered the message to me with a laugh: the seller called her first with an offer to fix all the issues on the report. I could have gone with other inspectors who advertised lower fees, but I truly believe I came out ahead financially with all the seller agreed to and no hassles.”

From a former Realtor: "Very, very thorough inspection.  Great inspection process! I have been through many inspections on my own homes as well as having been a realtor and he didn't exaggerate minor items like many home inspectors do which actually needlessly scare buyers.  He merely pointed out good and bad and described what would need to be done to correct."

“He did two inspections for us. His professional manner, his attention to detail on site and in printed report will benefit anyone who uses him as their inspector. The report on the first house made us realize the money pit it would become. The second confirmed that we were learning better what to look for and this house will serve us well.”