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Chris D. Hilton and Associates understands that commercial and residential inspections are different.  We have experience with small office, retail space, industrial, warehouse ,distribution, manufacturing, medical facilities, and high rise office buildings. 

Investing in a commercial property is a big step, and we understand how essential an inspection is to making the correct choice.  Our experienced team of inspectors have constructed and inspected commercial properties throughout North Carolina. You can trust our business with your business.   

A commercial inspection is a thorough visual examination of the condition of a business property. It provides you with an inventory of the building’s major systems and components and an assessment of their physical and functional condition.  The inspection report will highlight areas related to:

  • normal wear and tear

  • damage

  • poor workmanship of original installation, repairs and upgrades

  • deferred maintenance

  • outdated components or systems

  • systems past or near the end of their service life

All buildings have deficiencies, which can cause degradation and depreciation if they’re not maintained in a timely fashion. We will provide a comprehensive report with our objective findings for your consideration which will assist you in understanding the current condition and realizing a maximum return on your investment.  


A commercial property inspection will pay for itself many times over. It is crucial step in assessing the strength and long-term viability of a capital asset. Protect your commercial investment by scheduling a commercial property inspection with Chris D. Hilton and Associates.  Request a quote online.​​

Office, Industrial, & Distribution

These buildings can have complex systems and extensive areas to inspect.  We know how to inspect these buildings and components and will provide a comprehensive report for your needs.  

Retail, Hospitality, & Medical

From hotels and restaurants to strip malls and medical facilities,  we understand these industries and will help make sure the buildings are ready for your customers and guests.


Property managers,  condo associations, and investors will benefit from a comprehensive multi-family property inspection. Our findings can assist with developing a pre-purchase strategy and evaluating the property's maintenance needs.

Our comprehensive visual inspection of the building and site, includes:

  • Sitework: paving, drainage, vegetation, retaining walls

  • Structural components: foundation, framing, basements and crawl spaces

  • Roofing: roof coverings, flashings and penetrations, roof drainage

  • Exterior: cladding, doors & windows, loading docks and overhead doors

  • Plumbing systems: supply, waste, drainage

  • Electrical systems: service feeds, transformers, distribution panels and systems

  • Heating & Air Conditioning systems: equipment and distribution systems

  • Insulation & Ventilation

  • Fire protection and life safety systems

We cover all of North Carolina for Commercial Inspections!


☑️ Industrial

☑️ Apartments

☑️ Hotels/Motels

☑️ Daycares

☑️ Multi Family

☑️ High Rise

☑️ Restaurants

☑️ Retail

☑️ Warehouses

☑️ Strip Centers

☑️ Medical

☑️ Churches & More


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