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Pre-purchase home inspections provide the buyer with peace of mind and insight into the condition of the home.  It is an objective visual examination of the structure,  components, and mechanical systems of the home.  Don't buy a home without knowing potential safety problems and necessary repairs.  



High Definition Video Inspection

We will record everything we can access in high definition video followed by a thorough review.  We can zoom, pan, rewind, pause, and often see things that an inspector might miss.  


Using this tool we can not only keep our inspectors safe, but we can discover safety problems under your home that other inspectors would skip because of lack of access or hazardous conditions.  Underneath your home is an extensive area with vital systems and should not be overlooked.  

Our Crawl-Bot Has Found

Using this technology we have discovered problems with: structural components, plumbing, electrical, vapor barriers, insulation, watermold, and termites.  

Crawl-bot Squeeze

When a crawlspace is too tight or potentially dangerous for an inspector to enter we can send in our crawl-bot.  Now we can access those difficult spaces and get an incredible view of the crucial systems that live under your home. The crawlbot will be used if needed at no additional cost as part of our residential inspection or you can schedule a crawl-bot crawlspace inspection ala cart for an additional fee.

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