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Pre-purchase home inspections provide the buyer with peace of mind and insight into the condition of the home.  It is an objective visual examination of the structure,  components, and mechanical systems of the home.  Don't buy a home without knowing potential safety problems and necessary repairs.  



Unrivaled Access

Our drones can see portions of the roof that inspectors may not be able to reach on foot.  Steep, complex, and unsafe roofs are where our drone inspections shine.  

Complete Roof Video

We can quickly capture images of the entire roof surface. We get up close to flashing details, roof penetrations, potential leaks, storm damage, and other defects that may compromise your roof.

Check Your Chimney Crown

Even when we can access roofs on foot,  the top of a chimney is usually out of view. A drone inspection allows us to safely report whether you have a cracked chimney crown that could be causing water damage to your home.  


Our inspectors safety is paramount, as we are sure you would agree.  There are some conditions where our drones cannot fly, such as stormy weather and restricted flight areas.  

The Complete Picture

Our expert FAA Certified drone pilots will capture your entire roof on video for inspection.  We can quickly and safely acquire the images we need to assess the condition of your homes most important system.  A drone roof inspection is included at no additional cost in our residential inspection or it can be ordered as a stand alone inspection for an additional fee.  

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