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Pre-purchase home inspections provide the buyer with peace of mind and insight into the condition of the home.  It is an objective visual examination of the structure,  components, and mechanical systems of the home.  Don't buy a home without knowing potential safety problems and necessary repairs.  



Catch Problems Early

Save money on repairs by catching problems early.  Often, you don’t realize something is about to go disastrously wrong until it’s too late. Some unchecked problems can lead to expensive structural damage. 

Neutral 3rd Party

As home inspectors, we can't offer repairs, and this allows us to give you an unbiased inspection report on items that need to be repaired or replaced.  We will also provide a recommend course of action.

Safety & Peace of Mind

Leaving your home unchecked for years can result in serious issues like carbon monoxide, wood destroying fungus, or termite damage.  Schedule an inspection and ensure that your property is in good shape and safe for yourself and your family.

Be More Prepared to Sell

When it finally comes time to sell your home, your options will be much better when your house has been kept in good shape.  On the other hand, people often feel trapped and unable to sell when the home has fallen into disrepair.  

Check Your Vitals

Like a checkup for your health, you could avoid it and just wait until something goes wrong, but often a little prevention can save you from major troubles down the road.  A maintenance inspection is recommended every year, although many choose 3-5 years.  This type of inspection should be a part of the regular maintenance and up keep for your home.   Left unchecked small repairs can quickly turn into large, disruptive, and expensive repairs. Let us check the vitals so you can maintain a healthy home.

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