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Pre-purchase home inspections provide the buyer with peace of mind and insight into the condition of the home.  It is an objective visual examination of the structure,  components, and mechanical systems of the home.  Don't buy a home without knowing potential safety problems and necessary repairs.  



Have The Builder Fix It

All new construction in North Carolina has a one year warranty. We inspect the covered items before your warranty expires. Then you can fix the problems on your builders dime not yours.  Take advantage of the warranty while you can.

Neutral 3rd Party

As home inspectors, we can't offer repairs, and this allows us to give you an unbiased inspection report on items that need to be repaired or replaced.  

Comprehensive Review

We will inspect the exterior and interior, as well as a complete review of every system and appliance.  Find out about the defects that could end up affecting your home insurance coverage.

Safety & Peace of Mind

Problems with your home, whether new or old, can arise at anytime.  The 11 month mark is a great time to schedule an inspection and ensure that your property is still in good shape and safe for yourself and your family.

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