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Pre-purchase home inspections provide the buyer with peace of mind and insight into the condition of the home.  It is an objective visual examination of the structure,  components, and mechanical systems of the home.  Don't buy a home without knowing potential safety problems and necessary repairs.  



Defects Get Covered Up

Tradesmen working independently to get their jobs done can make mistakes that go unnoticed and then covered by drywall.  This is the time for corrections.  

Fewer Problems In The Future

Let us catch defects during this critical phase of construction before they become bigger problems after you move in.

Quality Control

This inspection offers a great opportunity to make sure your build is top notch and going according to plan.  

What We Inspect

  1. Foundations

  2. Floor Systems

  3. Framed Wall Systems

  4. Roof Systems and Coverings

  5. Heating and Cooling Systems

  6. Plumbing & Electrical

  7. Wall Coverings

  8. Window and Door Installation

Now or Never

This inspection is performed prior to the installation of drywall.  This is the only time we can inspect inside the walls. Vital wiring, plumbing, and structural details are accessible for the last time. This is a great opportunity to gauge the quality of work the builder is doing!

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